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Custom FileMaker App Solutions Built to your requirements Support for existing systems
Business Management Systems give your company a boost your data at your finger tips
Out of the office? access your data on the go data on the iPad, the way forward
Is it for me? you'll be amazed it's like a new lease of life for the business
FileMaker Pro

FileMaker App Development

  • FileMaker Development
  • Certified Developers
  • Existing Systems Support
  • Desktop & mobile Systems
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Data Driven Websites

  • Websites to your requirements
  • MySQL, SQL and FMP datasources
  • ASP, PHP
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FileMaker Hosting

Filemaker 12-17

  • FileMaker 12-17 Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Service
  • No Fixed Contract
  • UK Datacentre
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Business Solutions

Forget paper systems and excel, a custom built database solution is the best thing for your company.
How many orders are in hand, what's the profit margin, how much am I owed, mail merge my clients, all these and more at a click of a button

We are a leading UK based solution provider with over 16 years experience, let us help you get the best management system for your business.

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What is FileMaker Pro

FileMaker is a cross platform database application
Gives access to your data on your desktop, iPad & iPhone
Gives you all the functionality you could want for your company
Provides a multi user system
Option to lease your development and save thousands on initial outlay
Supports large datasets
Can be used as a front end to Mysql & SQL

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Web Development

Using a database behind the scenes to drive your website is a perfect way to publish and collect information from the web

Our web development services can provide you with a fully functional website feeding off your desired backend database.

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