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What our customers say

Ditronic designed a major database project to handle all the data inputting requirement of our commercial language school. We briefed Ditronic with what we needed and Russell came back to us with the raw product. Inevitable tweaking and off-spec modifications to the original have now led to ‘The System’, as we refer to it, being the central hub of our business. Ditronic have just linked it to our Website and password-enabled upwards of 400 of our clients & suppliers to access the parts of the database we want them to. It was delivered on time, always at the price quoted and works seamlessly between our Mac and PCs.
Robert Shimwell- MD, Dialogue

Our filemaker operating system was designed to create a system for logging monitoring and processing all orders, from estimate to invoice, reducing the need for paper logging and giving everyone access to order information. Russell at Ditronic was very quick to understand our requirement and deliver a test version, working with us to refine it. He also installed it on our premises. Quite simply this has transformed the way we work.
Anthony Smith, Image-Corporate Ltd (graphic design, signage, print and marketing)

With over 9,000 applicants and a data base of over 2,800 properties the prospect of producing a relational data base with connectivity to out existing websites SQL server was something we viewed with trepidation. However Ditronic handled it with minimal fuss and the transfer was remarkably painless, especially as it was within budget and delivered precisely to the timescale we were promised. The Filemaker Management system has a CMS system and offers pdf mailouts. We are also able to bulk e mail Applicants with exciting new properties which has been invaluable in generating new interest.
Sarah Francis. MD Sifex

As a small business our time is important to us and we could not devote any of it to developing a database or altering databases that are already in the public domain. We designed a simple flowchart around our day-to-day activities and asked Ditronic Software to design a bespoke database. Russell designed and provided a beta version in a short time and after testing by us and sending reports back to Ditronic Software the database was tweaked until we were satisfied. The database now forms a vital part of our business allowing us to concentrate on what we do best without having to worry about the integrity of our supporting information. The database is like having a part timer in the business who is responsible for tracking our information and carrying out the invoicing procedures at no cost to the business with regards to wages.
Roger Chessell. Beez Kneez Training

Ditronic Software has helped us develop Foto SF in a very professional manner. The service given to us has been exemplary and we are very satisfied with the work done. They have listened to our requirements and provided simple solutions to our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending Ditronic Software to others.
Uzair Kharawala, SF Digital

‘Paddington’ relied heavily on the hosting, crew records and purchase order system developed in conjunction with Ditronic (Filemaker Specialists?). Russell created an HMTL front end which allows the film crew to enter their details remotely. This has been a huge time saving system which we could never even contemplate going back to the archaic system we had before dealing with up to a 1000 crew. With the high pressure environment that exists in film making it is easy to make mistakes but this takes out that whole loop as the crew members put in their details in their own time thus making is accurate and giving more time back to the production office. The system has since been even further advanced and is now operating very successfully on Paddington 2.
Tim Wellspring, UPM, Paddington2