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Data Driven Websites

With a custom web development you can publish your data to your website just how you want to.

Multi Database

Dynamic websites can be built to connect to your data held in FileMaker, Access, MYSQL or SQL Server.

Choices of Coding Language

We use ether ASP or PHP to build your website both of which are main stream languages.

Database driven website solutions

We specialize in creating database driven websites working with FileMaker Pro, Access, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
It is a fast growing request of Internet customers today to be able to display and collect interactive data in their web solutions.
Whether you require simple data collection or a full blown e-commerce system our development services can offer this at a reasonable cost.
Our developers have experience in a wide variant of website developments and can deliver the solution that suits you best.

Database driven websites

Which Database is Best

Which database to use for your new website depends a lot on what sort of traffic you envisage for your site.
FileMaker Pro, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server can process multiple queries at a time and are suitable for most levels of site traffic. Where sites have exceptionally high levels of traffic other database solutions may need to be considered.