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Bespoke Claris/FileMaker database/App solutions & support for existing systems

Streamline your business!
Communicate fast and easily with your customers!
All your business functions controlled from 1 location!

FileMaker Pro SolutionsWith one of our bespoke database systems you can have all your company processes immediately available to you, no more multiple Excel spreadsheets or hunting through hard copies for the figures.
If you want for instance to know how many orders you took this month, or what invoices are outstanding, you just need to put in the date range and a report is automatically generated for you from all the data you have input.

Does your business have complicated job processes? this becomes a breeze when using one of our user friendly FileMaker solutions.

Filemaker can interact with 3rd party application such as iCal, Outlook and accounts packages such as Sage, Quickbooks, Zero.

We specialize in developing bespoke FileMaker App's and offer on going support for existing systems whether built by us or another developer. We work in all versions of FileMaker Pro, on both Mac and PC platforms

Our certified developers have over 20 years experience working with all versions of FileMaker enabling them to assist you with all your requirements. Our experience in linking FileMaker Pro to the web is second to none.
Systems are built from the ground up based entirely on customer requirements. Advice is given during the process to ensure that the most is gained from the technology available.
Developments are based upon fixed price quotations.

We also create FileMaker Pro real time front end interfaces for MySQL and MS SQLServer databases at a fraction of the cost of other interfaces such as VB.
Whether you require a new complete system, an upgrade or just some assistance we can offer the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Upgrading of existing FileMaker database systems | CRM/CMS Systems | Over 20 years experience | Support for existing systems | FileMaker Go Database solutions | FileMaker developer training | Older version migration |Certified FileMaker Developers

FileMaker dashboard's create great overviews

What our customers think.

Ditronic Software has helped us develop Foto SF in a very professional manner. The service given to us has been exemplary and we are very satisfied with the work done. They have listened to our requirements and provided simple solutions to our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending Ditronic Software to others.
Uzair Kharawala, SF Digital

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Claris Partner

Small sample of our client list
"FileMaker UK" , "3" , "Dialogue" , LCC Trans-Sending" , "Environmental Finance" , "Sim2" , "BPP Law" , "National Portrait Gallery" , "SF Digital" , "Sifex" , "G&R Furniture" , "Richard Baker Furniture" , "The Owl Barn" , "Vail Williams" , "NHS".

Here are just some of the functions/advantages available with a custom solution:

  • Completely cross platform
  • View data on desktop, iOS, & Web Browsers
  • Full contact management

    Accounts integration
  • eMail and mail merges with ease
  • CRM Systems
  • Quotations
  • Order tracking and control
  • Generating invoices
  • Stock control
  • Workflow
  • Detailed reporting
  • Document control
  • Lease Development option available